Ranking the characters in Aliens

All of the key characters in the film Aliens ranked

Aliens is one of my favourite movies. It is action packed, character driven and wonderfully atmospheric. I think one of the reasons that Aliens works so well is down the superb casting. Each character, excepting perhaps one or two marines who get very little screen time, is allowed to shine. Everyone has their personal favourite.

The fact that toys were even made of most of the marines is quite telling how strong the characters are. You can actually buy an Apone and a Hudson figure! I have decided to attempt to rank the characters based on my favourites. Preference has been given to those who have more character development, for instance, it would be rather silly saying my favourite character was Pvt. Wierzbowski, who barely appears on screen for more than five seconds!

  1. Bishop: The trustworthy android who proves his worth at the end of the film by saving Newt.
  2. Ripley: Of course you have to have her near the top. Back with more attitude and a nice perm of sorts.
  3. Hicks: Hudson or Hicks, Hudson or Hicks…both are rather good. Hicks is the cooler, quieter marine who keeps his head, literally.
  4. Hudson: Game over man! How he survives so long into the film is a mystery given his moaning, but he creates a memorable impact with his whining.
  5. Vazquez: Making headbands look exceptionally cool and walking round in a a pose that constantly looks poised for attack, this is one feisty female.
  6. Apone: I love the way he smiles at Ripley when she is driving her loader, ‘Bay twelve, please.’
  7. Newt: Surprisingly not annoying, even her screaming does not grate.
  8. Jones the Cat: Making a very high entry here simply for being a cat and getting another leading role!
  9. Frost: He oozes cool charm but does not survive that long.
  10. Burke: Just a little bit slimy but a brilliant character with an untrustworthy air.
  11. Gorman: You have to feel a bit sorry for this commander who has put in charge and is way out of his depth. His demise is heroic and quite sad to watch.
  12. Drake: I just remember his pally relationship with Vaquez and the part where he gets burnt by the alien acid, ouch.
  13. Ferro: Not sure of the need to wear sunglasses while flying a ship which is why she is further down the list.
  14. Spunkmeyer: One of those ‘I’ll be right back’ deaths, you just know this marine is going to come a cropper.
  15. Dietrich: She appears on screen a few times and has a small piece to do when she gives Newt some medical attention, that’s about it.
  16. Crowe: The last two in the list are barely in the film and now matter how many times I watch Aliens I always struggle to notice them.
  17. Wierzbowski: As above!

I think that is everyone covered, except for the staff at the board meeting where Ripley discusses how she survived the last film. Maybe I shall rank them in another post, but there has never been a great interest in the people in the board room, somehow the marines are just that bit more exciting!


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