Golf with Goldfinger – a poem by Benjamin Fastnedge

A scene from the film Goldfinger. James Bond and Goldfinger are playing golf. Bond has his gold club over his shoulder, while Goldfinger and Oddjob watch on.
Ludicrous buffoon!
How you bumble and boast
Of strokes of fortune
You're as rough as the undergrowth
On which you play me
For a fool's gold awaits
And I find your manner
Off putting Mr. Goldfinger!

(This poem is inspired by the scene in which James Bond and Goldfinger play golf. From the novel and film Goldfinger.)

The autumn garden – a poem by Benjamin Fastnedge

A scene from the film The Secret Garden. Mary is walking around the garden. She wears a coat and hat and stalks of plants are in the foreground.
An autumn mist swirls
Bathing nature in a white blanket
Dog red wood stalks empty borders
Bragging in upright self-importance
As deciduous friends fade
In to crisp carcases
Silent for months
Listening for Spring's sweet call

(This poem is inspired by the novel and film versions of The Secret Garden.)