Jaws sequels that never got made

Imagine if we had got these Jaws films!

Audiences have been patiently waiting since 1987 for another Jaws film. Perhaps it is time to bring the series back to life by revisiting two of the most popular characters from the films, Hoagie from Jaws: The Revenge and Mrs Kintner from Jaws. The possibilities are endless…

Jaws 5 film needed urgently!

We need a Jaws sequel now!

Every summertime I have an urge to watch at least one of the Jaws films again. Then I find myself getting flustered that a sequel still has not happened!

It is over thirty years since Jaws: The Revenge failed to excite audiences. It is perceived to be one of the worst films ever made. This is grossly unfair and is more of a ‘let’s jump on the bandwagon and slate Jaws: The Revenge because everyone else does’ scenario. It is not as strong as the original, but is an adequate sequel.

Jaws 5 concept with Pippet the dog

Some of my earlier posts poked fun at potential sequel ideas, see the photos for ‘The Search For Pippet’ and ‘Shark Widows’.

I am not sure if audiences would welcome another sequel focused on Pippet the dog or Ellen Brody, but you never know. Plus, Lorraine Gary who played Ellen has retired from acting so that seems highly unlikely.

In the meantime, I hold out hope that a producer somewhere is feverishly working on an amazing Jaws 5 script and that it might one day see the light of day.

Facinating background characters in film: Man on boat in Jaws: The Revenge

The man on the boat in Jaws: The Revenge

Never mind the shark, who is this man!

Mention Jaws and everyone discusses the shark or occasionally the Brody family. But I wonder has anyone stopped to ask who this man is in Jaws: The Revenge?

He gets a few moments on camera and technically isn’t that ‘background’. Here he is pictured with Michael Brody on a boat, blissfully unaware that there is a massive great white shark a few feet below.


Is Jaws: The Revenge the worst film of all time?

Is Jaws: The Revenge the worst film ever?

A short, fair and extremely accurate answer

No. Jaws: The Revenge is not the worst film of all time. It has Michael Caine in it. Any film with Michael Caine in it cannot be bad.

You may find other reviews which suggest otherwise, but they are of course wrong!

Please observe Michael Caine’s wonderful casualwear in the photos.

Michael Caine as Hoagie in Jaws: The Revenge
Michael Caine as Hoagie, looking thoughtful
Hoagie looking for fish

Extremely un-Christmassy films set at Christmas – Jaws: The Revenge

The Brody family in Jaws: The Revenge

Here comes Santa Jaws!

Here’s something extremely not Christmassy – Jaws: The Revenge. Yes, the fourth Jaws film is indeed set at Christmas.

It is all very depressing though. Sean Brody has just been eaten by a shark, his mother Ellen is grieving and her only remaining son, Michael still works in the ocean, which means he will probably get eaten too by a shark at some point.

There’s even Christmas carols, we get treated an angelic rendition of The First Noel as Sean Brody heads out to meet his doom. This scene is surpisingly eerie and effective.

So when you’re thinking your Christmas Day is not going swimmingly, just be grateful you’re not being eaten by a shark.


Let’s talk about Carla Brody’s hideous sculpture in Jaws: The Revenge

Carla Brody making her sculpture in the film Jaws: The Revenge

Michael Brody’s onscreen wife and her pointless creation

You have to feel sorry for Carla Brody in Jaws: The Revenge. Not only does she get very little screen time in comparison to her husband Michael Brody, the most significant screen time she does get is devoted to her working on a ghastly sculpture.

Said sculpture is later unveiled in a grand ceremony on the beachfront where spectators feign interest in her assembly of junk.

Now what would have been infinitely more exciting is a scene where she joins Michael out at sea and attacks the shark with her sharp metal sculpture. Actually, that might have been a semi decent way to have killed the shark.

Great chat-up lines from movies: Jaws: The Revenge

Michael Caine plays Hoagie in the film Jaws The Revenge

Michael Caine woos Ellen Brody

If you are ever stuck for a superb chat-up with while on a date, try this quote, courtesy of Michael Caine who plays Hoagie in the film Jaws: The Revenge.

To create maximum impact deliver in a slightly stacatto fashion. Ensure you replace the words ‘Ellen Brody’ with the person you are on a date with though, as this might cause confusion.

Hoagie: “I have an irresistible urge to kiss you, Ellen Brody.”

Ellen Brody from Jaws shows how chic should be done

Ellen Brody wearing sunglasses

Why the Jaws lady must be admired

Ellen Brody from the Jaws films managed to outlive her husband Martin and son Sean. She also got to enjoy a romance with the formidable Hoagie, played by Michael Caine in Jaws: The Revenge.

Over the years, much discussion has focused on the shark and Martin Brody, but too little attention is heaped upon the delectable Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary) who is a tour-de-force of a lady.

She goes from being doting mother in the original two films, to a heartbroken grandmother and all-out action hero in the final sequel. She does this while still managing to pull off a look that can best be described as elegant, classy and chic.

In Jaws: The RevengeĀ Ellen rocks a stylish blonde hair-do that isn’t a million miles off Grace Kelly and huge sunglasses that call to mind the chic of Bardot. This is one stylish granny.

Gary anchors her performance with an affecting turn, managing to convey the grief of losing her son extremely well, while also showcasing her vulnerability as she toys with a relationship with Hoagie. Oh and not to mention her determination to finally nail that shark…which she inevitably does.

Ellen Brody, we salute you!