Is Jaws: The Revenge really the worst film ever?

The shark from Jaws The Revenge rears out of the ocean

50 reasons why Jaws: The Revenge is actually amazing

  1. It has Michael Caine in it
  2. Michael Caine’s character is called Hoagie. A hoagie is a sandwich made of a long roll filled with meat, cheese, and salad, which is delicious
  3. The shark is an acceptable and believable size, after the monstrous thirty foot shark in Jaws 3
  4. There are subtle references to the late Martin Brody, which is touching
  5. Superbly chilling music from composer Michael Small adds tension
  6. The locations are beautiful
  7. The film takes place at Christmas, taking a break from the more obvious summer locations of the previous three films
  8. Ellen Brody can swim rather well
  9. Ellen Brody has a nice tidy kitchen
  10. Ellen Brody may well dye her hair, but this is not that obvious
  11. Hoagie dancing is hilarious, like a drunken uncle at a wedding
  12. Mario van Peebles who plays Jake wrote aspects of his own part
  13. Mrs Taft makes an appearance, previously seen in the first two Jaws films
  14. There are various versions of the ending of the film so you can effectively choose if you want Jake to live or die and how the shark is killed
  15. The running time is short, meaning if you hated the film so much you might even have time to watch another film after
  16. It is called Jaws: The Revenge rather than Jaws 4, which is more creative
  17. The shark can roar which is extremely clever and pretty much unheard of in the shark world, so it really must be a super shark
  18. Michael Brody sports a great beard. Not quite hipster but just casual enough to look cool, hinting that he could well be a film director when not being a marine biologistLance Guest as Michael Brody in Jaws The Revenge
  19. Michael Brody has a semi dramatic dash along the beach that momentarily startles viewers
  20. Ellen Brody has a particularly nasty nightmare where she dreams she is being chased by the shark. First time viewers might initially think this is really happening to her. In other words, it’s an effective scene
  21. A charming scene where Michael Brody’s daughter mimics him echoes scenes of Sean Brody mimicking Martin Brody from the original. A nice touch
  22. The film makes a bold move right at the start and kills off Sean Brody in an horrific shark attack scene. With the Christmas music playing in the background, this is powerfully shot
  23. Ellen Brody has a very good set of saucepans
  24. The shark can rise out of the ocean extremely well, like almost totally remove itself from the ocean. Impressive stuff
  25. Jake’s cool dreadlocks
  26. Jake’s delightfully cheeerful demeanor, even after being mauled by the shark
  27. Jake and wife have some realistic chemistry, more of this would have been welcomed
  28. There is a deleted scene where a narrator speaks over the opening scene. The narrator has a wonderfully commanding voice
  29. There is a deleted scene with Michael Brody playing guitar and singing and Jake playing a drum. Brody is rather good on the guitar
  30. Jake wears a stylish necklace
  31. Jake’s glasses are somewhere between geek-chic and office cool
  32. Those who like shells will enjoy the copious amount of shells on the bottom of the ocean bed, where Jake goes scuba diving
  33. Ellen appears to have gained psychic powers, being able to sense when the shark is attacking Michael and Jake. Clever old Ellen
  34. Hoagie is open and honest about his gambling
  35. In the casino scene, Ellen’s outfit is classy and draws the eye
  36. There is a deleted scene where Hoagie and Ellen stroll around a harbour, Hoagie is discussing bananas and how he cannot stand them. This scene should have been left in, it looks gloriously sunny and Hoagie and Ellen look their most relaxedMichael Caine as Hoagie and Lorraine Gary as Ellen Brody in Jaws The Revenge
  37. The ending, where Jake is snatched by the shark, is shot in slow-motion, which works pretty well
  38. When Michael hollers “Jaaaaaaake!” His voice manages to develop an almighty echo
  39. When Ellen boards Hoagie’s plane at the end of the film she sports not only stylish sunglasses but a stylish suitcase too, more evidence of how classy this lady is!
  40. Michael Caine claims never to have watched the film. That’s restraint for you
  41. A book of the film also exists, written by Hank Searls
  42. Carla makes a hideous sculpture, Michael clearly knows it’s rubbish yet is polite enough to divert attention from the sculpture and instead start flirting with Carla
  43. Mario van Peebles’ dad is also in it
  44. It cost 20 million US dollars to make and has made close to 52 million US dollars. Not as a big a flop as people think
  45. Lorraine Gary has stated that one of the reasons she was attracted to the film was the idea of being able to engage in an on-screen romance with Michael Caine. And who wouldn’t want that?
  46. The Brody daughter Thea is only marginally irritating
  47. The men who assist Michael and Jake on their boat seem full of good humour
  48. Ellen Brody feels she needs to offer herself to the shark to end the drama. Either very noble of her or utterly ridiculous
  49. The banana boat attack. How to take something so fun and turn it into an absolute nightmare. I for sure will not be going on one ever again, just incase…
  50. Have I mentioned how classy Ellen is? Oh, well in that case…it’s actually 49 reasons

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(Author Benjamin Fastnedge.)

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