Cary Grant warms the hearts in the hilarious Father Goose

Cary Grant and Leslie Caron in Father Goose

Getting tropical for this romantic comedy

I watched Father Goose the other night, a 1964 romantic comedy starring Cary Grant as a man who is persuaded to live on an island to spot enemy aircraft. On the surface it did not sound like the kind of thing I would like and admittedly for the first few minutes I was wondering whether it was going to click with me.

Then enters the divine Leslie Caron as teacher Catherine, who winds up on the island along with a pack of schoolgirls in tow. Grant’s character, Walter is motivated mostly by drink and the arrival of Catherine puts somewhat of a spanner in the works. Catherine does not tolerate his uncouth behaviour and finds him most beastly.

Father Goose starring Cary Grant

The interplay between Grant and Caron is spot on, the dialogue is at times hilarious as the two bicker and seek to get the upper hand. Naturally the romance is bubbling underneath and you know that kiss is coming!

Beautifully shot, wonderful locations, Grant on fine form and genuinely very, very funny. I recommend Father Goose.

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