An honourable film death: Marge from Jaws 2

Marge vs Shark

You have to pity poor Marge from Jaws 2. She is just one of the very unlucky ones who gets eaten by the shark in this film.

Her death resonates because she manages to survive pretty close to the end of the film and then hops into the water to pull out Sean Brody and ends up getting eaten herself. The scene is actually quite horrific and probably the most powerful death scene in Jaws 2.

What makes her passing more poignant is the fact that pretty much all of her friends who are stranded with her out at sea manage to survive. Had she not gone into the water, maybe Sean would have been eaten instead. If Sean had been eaten he would not have been in Jaws 3 or Jaws The Revenge…maybe those sequels would never have been made! Can you imagine a world without Jaws The Revenge?!

Marge says very little in the film and does not get much screen time except for the harrowing moment where she is attacked. So this post is a favourable nod to the admirable Marge who is both heroic and tragic.

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(Author Benjamin Fastnedge.)

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