Sharknado 5 a success! Bring on Sharknado 6!

Time for another Sharknado sequel?

Sharknado 5 made its debut this week and I have to say it was pretty good fun. All of the usual ingredients were there, non-stop dramatic action sequences, crazy cameos and of course an awful lot of flying sharks.

I venture that Sharknado 5 was a little better than the fourth entry, thanks to the globe-trotting locations which added some interesting cultural elements. We get to see London, Australia and Switzerland all in the space of an hour.

Ian Ziering and Tara Reid were back on board and Ian is as cool as ever, looking mean and moody and delivering one-liners like the world depends on it.

The plot certainly did not surprise me, the producers have once again thrown everything possible into the mix to create a whirlwind of shark-fest fun.

Granted the CGI is not amazing, some of the shark shots are not that convincing, but that doesn’t really matter. What I enjoyed were the less than subtle nods to Indiana Jones, Back to the Future and Aliens.

Sharknado 6 simply must happen next year!


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