The best James Bond companion ever – Kerim Bey

Image showing Kerim Bey from From Russia with Love

Why the moustached one is Bond’s best ally

Kerim Bey from the James Bond film From Russia With Love has to be one of the best companions that Bond has ever had. I may be slightly biased because From Russia With Love is one of my favourite Bond films and also one of the best novels by Fleming.

Kerim Bey is played with affectionate charm by Pedro Armendáriz. He is on-screen for a lot of the film and paved the way for many other loyal allies, such as Columbo and Mathis.

Impeccably dressed in his grey suit and well manicured, Bey lights up every scene he is in and plays off Connery superbly. The chemistry is maginificent to watch and Bey’s demise is genuinely moving. I always felt had they kept the character alive he and Bond would have had many other encounters.

His finest scene? On the train, when he says to his captive “I’ve had a particularly fascinating life – would you like to hear about it?” I reckon a whole film about Kerim Bey’s coloured life would have been just thrilling.



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