It’s blog post 100! A special Harrison Ford post to celebrate the occasion

My top five Harrison Ford films, excluding the Star Wars ones!

I was trying to think of a creative, fun way to celebrate my 100th post to The Movie and the Muse. The original plan was to do a post about a film that had the word ‘100’ in the title. After scouring various film sites I decided this was too contrived. I have instead gone for the easier option of a Harrison Ford post and my top five Ford Harrison Ford films. I have not included any of the Star Wars films as that wouldn’t be fair as they would fill the entire top five.

  1. The Fugitive – Ford has never looked more anxious. Thrilling from start to finish
  2. Witness – a charming romantic thriller, Ford smoulders at every moment
  3. Frantic – Ford has never looked more anxious. He must find his wife!
  4. Raiders of the Lost Ark – a grizzly looking Ford and non-stop excitement
  5. Regarding Henry – a touching, heartwarming drama, Ford compels

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