Tick Tick Boom! Landmine Goes Click review

A nailbiting thriller that goes off with a bang

I watched Landmine Goes Click this week, a 2015 thriller about a group of American tourists whose hitchhiking trip in the Georgian mountains goes horrendously not to plan.

The premise – one of the group stands on a landmine and must work out what to do next. You might think how on earth can they get an entire film about someone standing on a landmine waiting to explode, but they do.

I thought was a great thriller as the plot twists threw some real curveballs, things that I just did not see coming. Without spoiling it, let’s just say that the direction of the film changes rather dramatically half way through and shocks to the core. The acting was excellent, the locations well judged and the soundtrack potent.

Tense, gritty and worth a watch!


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