Life after Ellen Brody from Jaws

Where is the woman who beat the shark?

Remember Chief Brody from the film Jaws? Remember Ellen Brody, his long-suffering wife? Ellen took centre stage in Jaws The Revenge and saved the day by ramming the shark with a boat (or blowing it up, depending on which ending you see).

Things have been a bit quiet for actress Lorraine Gary since then, so here are some ideas for exciting new media concepts for her:

  • Jaws – The Home Years – In this TV drama, we get to see Ellen pottering about the house, making pasta, cosying up to partner Hoagie, who may or may not still be played by Michael Caine
  • Ellen – a chat show, simply called Ellen. She will chat about her hair and sharks
  • Jaws 5 – Ellen is retired but after winning a competition in a magazine to adopt a great white, she is forced to get into the water one last time to bond with the shark, inbetween playing bridge with her neighbours and baking delicious cookies

I can see ALL of these working.


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