The next Bond film title should begin with the letter ‘S’

Some prospective titles for the next James Bond film

With Daniel Craig seemingly back on board to play James Bond for a fifth outing, I thought it was time to come up with some ideas for the title of the film.

Skyfall and Spectre both benefited from short, snappy titles beginning with the letter ‘S’ so perhaps the formula of a one-worded title could work again. Anyway, here’s some ideas with the meaning of the word.

  • Squama – a scale or scalelikepart
  • Sacrarium – a place where sacred objects are kept
  • Saggital – shaped like an arrow
  • Saltus – a breach of continuity
  • Scelerat – villain
  • Septiferous – having barriers

Could any of these amazing titles be used? Possibly not…


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