Could an entire film be made about Han Solo in Carbonite?

Solo may be frozen but a film could still go ahead…

Towards the end of The Empire Strikes Back Han Solo find himself encased in carbonite, courtesy of Darth Vader. The carbon freezing scene remains one of the most memorable and harrowing moments in this film. Nobody knows what being frozen in carbonite feels like, they can only imagine. Do you dream? What is breathing like? Is it cold? I have outlined some ideas for film treatments, while Han Solo is stuck in carbonite, just for fun of course!

  • The entire film has just one shot, focused on Han in Carbonite. We hear Ford narrating the dreams he is having for three hours. Purely for arthouse fans!
  • While encased in carbonite, we follow Boba Fett as he transports Solo in his his vehicle Slave 1. On the journey, we get to see Boba taking the scenic route via Endor and stopping off for some delicious tea with the Ewoks
  • Han is in carbonite and has been hung at an art exhibition in Mos Eisley. We get to observe dozens of keen art enthusiasts debating whether it really is art
  • The carbon freezing machine breaks, Han is unexpectedly unfrozen. A furious Darth Vader must hurridly order another machine. While he waits for it to be delivered he invites Solo to stay with him in a guest suite in the Death Star

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