10 Things you should know about Jaws

Some little known facts about the film Jaws

  1. In the book by Peter Benchley, Hooper has an affair with Chief Brody’s wife. This does not happen in the film version
  2. Despite directing the film, Spielberg was actually not responsible for the direction of the final shot of the shark exploding
  3. Susan Backlinie who plays the infamous first victim had her legs strapped to harnesses, which were tugged by crewmembers on the shoreline. Poor Susan did not know when the crew were going to tug, hence her startled reaction!
  4. The shark is only seen properly at one hour and twenty one minutes into the film. Talk about building the suspense!
  5. Three mechanical sharks were used in the film
  6. Roy Scheider improvised the line ‘You’re gonna need a bigger boat’
  7. Charlton Heston was one of the earlier considerations for the role of Chief Brody
  8. Spielberg’s voice can be heard on Quint’s radio, as the Amity Point Lifestation Worker
  9. A fishy named crew member, Kevin Pike worked on the film as a special effects assistant
  10. State Beach in Martha’s Vineyard was selected as a location because of the shallow waters, making it wasier to film in

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