Worst film of all time? Possibly Jurassic Shark

A shark film that makes Sharknado look like Ben Hur

If you haven’t heard of Jurassic Shark then you have been spared a memorable film experience! As a shark film enthusiast I bought this a few years ago. The title sounded great…was this going to be a massive shark the size of the dinosaur on the scale of Jurassic Park? Well, sort of.

When I put the film on I was first struck by the rather poor video quality, seems it was done a budget. The CGI was shockingly awful, like it had been crafted from a paint package on a PC from 1998, the acting was passable and the script was horrendous.

I did enjoy it though! Jurassic Shark achieved the rare feat of being so truly awful that it was brilliant entertainment. It doesn’t take it itself too seriously and was clearly made for laughs. I especially liked the footage where the characters walk through the woods, which seemingly lasted at eternity with no dialogue…perhaps to fill running time.

Shark film purists should add it to their collection of course! Is it really the worst film ever? Possibly!


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