Is this the scariest film of all time?

The Changeling could well be the scariest film ever made

Ask people what the scariest film of all time is and you will probably get the usual responses of The Shining and The Exorcist. Some misguided people might even say 28 Days Later or Donnie Darko.

Few people though have heard of The Changeling and I am not referring to the Angelina Jolie film, but a film from 1980 that is rarely discussed. As a horror aficionado I have seen my fair share of scary films, The Changeling is one of only two to date that I had to turn off halfway through because it petrified me – the other being A Nightmare on Elm Street. I did return to The Changeling a few days later and watched to the end.

The Changeling is essentially a haunted house film, complete with creaking doors, moments of silence and lights flickering. Yes, haunted house films have been done to death, but very few have a real impact and leave you gasping for breath out of fear. Throughout the entire film there is an horrendous sense of foreboding, an air of looming terror…that something absolutely horrific is about to happen.

With veteran George C. Scott in the lead role, he brings instant gravitas, commanding your full attention whenever he is onscreen. He is staying in a secluded house, but soon discovers he might not be alone…

Without spoiling the plot, if you want two hours of total fear then I urge you to look for this film, but you could well have nightmares for many, many months after.


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