Which is the best Jaws film?

Ranking the Jaws films

I have decided to do my own rankings of the Jaws films. There is perhaps no big surprise when it comes to the winner, but maybe a surprise further down the chart. Check out my Jaws film rankings below and see if you agree or disagree.

  1. Jaws – this was clearly going to be at the top. A decent looking shark, slow-burning tension, that powerful opening scene that still leaves chills down the spine and the trio of Scheider, Dreyfuss and Shaw. Stands up to repeated viewing, quite simply one of Spielberg’s finest films
  2. Jaws 2 – a fairly decent sequel, directed by Jeannot Szwarc. There are enough memorable moments in this that stick in the mind, the jet-ski attack and the teenagers going boating and getting stalked by the shark. Scheider returns and convinces again as Chief Brody
  3. Jaws: The Revenge – yes I have placed the fourth film above the third. The location is stunning, the soundtrack is eerie and it is brilliantly refreshing to have the main character an older female (Lorraine Gary as Ellen Brody). While the ending feels rushed and the shark looks a bit rubbery at times, it isn’t half as bad as people make out
  4. Jaws 3 – my least favourite of the films, Jaws 3 is at best an adequate sequel. The thirty five foot shark looks static in some shots, many scenes underwater look badly lit and it is difficult to care about any of the characters (except perhaps for Michael Brody).

So there we have it, the Jaws films ranked! Which one is your favourite?


2 thoughts on “Which is the best Jaws film?

  1. The Revenge is my personal favourite. I always watch that one over Christmas. As you said, the location is simply beautiful and I always thought Lance Guest rocked as Michael. Jaws and Jaws 2 I honestly like the same. Jaws 3 took me several sittings to get through and I wouldn’t watch it again even if you offered me money.


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