Critters 5 – It could still happen!

Why the Critters film series still has life left in it

It has been over thirty years since the cult horror comedy Critters hit screens. We got a decent sequel in the form of Critters 2 and then two more films which finished up with the Critters in outer-space. Surely the time is now for a Critters 5?

Our hero and mainstay of the Critters films Charlie McFadden (Don Keith Opper) survived the fourth outing so could potentially return for another sequel.

Unfortunately, Critters 4 dispensed of one of the best characters, Ug, in a shocking plot twist that left fans stunned. There was no denying Terrence Mann epitomosed eighties cool in his portrayal as bounty hunter Ug in the first two Critters films.

But if a sequel is ever made, where can the producers take it and is there any demand for it from fans? Well at the time of writing this piece, there are cries for the films to be released onto Blu-ray. I am surprised the films have not made the jump onto Blu-ray given the success and cult status they have. As to what they could do with the plot, here are some treatment ideas:

  1. Critter DNA is found, scientists are engineering it to create the critters again and plan to market the critters as household pets. But can the critters be trusted? If they can’t be trusted lots of people will get attacked by the critters, if they can be trusted there will be some nice scenes of critters sitting on people’s laps being stroked.
  2. Charlie is missing. His old pal, Brad Brown from the original film tracks him down and finds Charlie is living in the wilderness, convinced he is still seeing critters…is he or is it just Charlie’s imagination?
  3. Ug didn’t die after all. He returns to Earth to unleash a batch of new and deadly critters into society and sets out terminator style to exact revenge on Charlie. Ug’s mullet is back as well.

All pretty horrendous ideas of course! In all seriousness, a Critters 5 is crying out to be made!



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