Jaws 5 anyone?

Could there be another Jaws sequel?

I absolutely love the Jaws film, including the drastically underrated Jaws: The Revenge. Please see some of my earlier posts where Jaws: The Revenge gets some much needed praise! Surely it is high time for Jaws 5?

The series was pretty much dead in the water after the 1987 sequel. And since then…nothing.

Yet curiously, we have seen the likes of Sharknado, Shark Night, Open Water etc still excite shark fans. There is a healthy appetite for Shark films, albeit some of them are done in a pastiche way and don’t take themselves too seriously.

If you look for Jaws 5 in search engines you will find a film called Cruel Jaws coming up. I have a copy of this and it is not Jaws 5! It is an unofficial Italian thriller that uses shark related stock footage. The premise follows much the same plot of Jaws though, so it is essentially a re-work. It is also not very good!

But what would it take to get Jaws 5 off the ground? Studios love sequels and continue to reinvent film series that appear to have little life left in them. Elm Street got a reboot, even though some of the later sequels did not perform as well financially. Mabe it is just the fact that Jaws 3 and 4 were badly received and nobody wants to resurrect Jaws incase it performs horrendously at the box office.

I wouldn’t want a remake, Jaws stands on its own as a landmark in cinema history and should be left untouched. I would love to see a sequel though. The character of Michael Brody still exists so he could potentially be in it, though would his character be that relevant to the series thirty years down the line, possibly not.

Maybe Lorraine Gary would step out of retirement to resume the role of Ellen Brody! Or maybe the series could throw in some cinema stalwarts like Sir Ian McKellen or William Shatner as grizzled ex-fisherman (I am thinking Quint kind of characters).

In the meantime, I shall continue to sit in hope that one day Jaws makes its way back to the big screen.



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