10 ridiculous names for the Star Wars Powerdroid

Would you call your Powerdroid Malcolm?

It must be very demoralising for the humble Powerdroids in Star Wars to just be referred to as Powerdroids and not have a proper name. Imagine if you were just referred to as a human throughout your entire life. So I have drawn up a list of ten names that you could call them.

  1. John
  2. Malcolm
  3. Julian
  4. Clarence
  5. Derek
  6. Alan
  7. Margaret
  8. Sigourney
  9. St John Smythe
  10. Huxley

After much deliberation I struggled to decide which of these ten names would best suit the Powerdroids, but I reckon John is pretty staple and dependable, so therefore all Powerdroids should be called John.


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