A farewell to Sir Roger Moore

Paying tribute to Sir Roger Moore

When news of the passing of Sir Roger Moore at the age of 89 reached me, I felt a huge part of my childhood flash by. As a massive James Bond fan, it was through Moore that I fell in love with the series. I still remember that Saturday night and my dad saying to me that we were going to watch a Bond film that was on the tv that evening. It was, if I recall, Octopussy.

Years later I am still hooked on the films and each year that passes I never fail to watch a handful of the Bond films.

I always had a soft spot for Sir Roger Moore’s Bond and admired his wry tongue-in-cheek delivery and ultra suave manner. Yet it was Moore’s self-depracating humour and ability to not take himself quite too seriously that resonated with me. I can honestly say I learnt some life lessons in how to be with people from Moore. A bit of charm, humour and warmth goes a long way in this world and Moore had this in spades.

I read his autobiography a few years ago and highly recommend it if you are a fan of his work. It is not particularly heavy on gossip, but as you would expect from Moore, crammed full of amusing anecdotes and gentlemanly restraint.

Nobody did it better.


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