The next James Bond film title?

What will the new James Bond film be called? Here are some thoughts:

While the casting of the actor to play James Bond in the next film continues to dominate the rumour mill, we shall turn our attention to what the title of the film could be.

There are still some Fleming titles bouncing about that could be used. Risico and The Hildebrand Rarity were both short stories contained within For Your Eyes Only. I am not sure the latter is snappy enough, but Risico sounds sufficiently enticing.

Another short story that was published in a Sotheby’s annual was The Property of a Lady. Again, this perhaps lacks the punch required for a Bond film title, it’s certainly not got the drama and impact of Skyfall.

Then there’s 007 in New York which was published as a short story in the New York Herald Tribune. This could be problematic and restrict Bond to just one location so I can’t see them going for this one!

Novelist John Gardner took over the Fleming mantle and did a pretty decent job of bringing James Bond back to life in written form. I shan’t name all of his novels, but there are certainly a few contenders, Icebreaker, Nobody Lives Forever and Scorpius are some of the stronger titles in this canon.

But of course, it could be none of the above. Producers could surprise us with an unlikely title like James Bond at the Zoo or Snofflesnout.


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