Han Solo and Greedo – another alternative conversation

Imagine if Han and Greedo’s conversation in Star Wars – A New Hope had played out like this…

Greedo: Going somewhere Solo?

Han: Yes Greedo, as a matter of fact I was just on my way to the mens’.

Greedo: I’ve just come from there myself, it’s been redecorated.

Han: Is that so? Maybe I could get some ideas for when I redecorate the bathroom in the Millennium Falcon.

Greedo: The marble tiles are quite, quite exquisite, Han.

Han: While I like marble, I have always preferred the finish of granite, it gives a more rustic edge.

Greedo: Could I buy you a drink while you’re here?

Han: Ooh yes please. I would love a babycham.

Greedo: Well fancy that! That’s my favourite tipple too. But not to dampen the mood, I’ve been looking forward to killing you for a long time.

Han: Yes I bet you have, but back to bathrooms…

Greedo: Oh yes, I simply must tell you about the chrome taps…



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