A brief guide to the Star Wars universe: Djas Puhr

Djas Puhr

I am not sure what makes this guy so fascinating. Perhaps it is the face that looks part humanoid and part waxwork that gives him a sinsister edge. His looks suit his profession for Djas is a cunning bounty hunter and would often find himself employed by the infamous Jabba the Hutt.

Djas makes his appearance in A New Hope in the Cantina scene. Not someone you would want to cross, it is shame this character was not fleshed out further as he could have been a great sidekick to Boba Fett. I can absolutely picture the two working alongside each other with Djas being the more silent and deadly partner.

He was deemed significant enough to have an action figure made of him though, which is perhaps testament to his character’s appeal.

Character cool factor: 8

Most likely to: pursue you around the galaxy

Least likely to: need his head shining


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