10 actors who probably won’t be the next Bond

A light-hearted look at some actors who are unlikely to succeed Daniel Craig in the role as James Bond

Daniel Craig is currently causing much excitement and speculation on whether he will assume the role of James Bond for a fifth time. If he does, that will mean he will have done one more Bond film than Brosnan, but two less than Roger Moore.

If he does bow out after Spectre the next guy will have a hard act to follow. We have already seen certain actors’ names thrown into the ring like Tom Hiddleston, so what about having a top ten of unlikely candidates. Here they are, completely random and pretty much just picked on the spot:

  1. Patrick Stewart – commanding voice perhaps but could the lack of hair be a distraction?
  2. Tim Curry – might bring a touch of the comedic to the role
  3. Jason Statham – no words, just a man of action
  4. Steve Guttenberg – an unlikely but welcome comeback
  5. Roger Moore – back for one last outing and to make another quiche (see A View To A Kill)
  6. Ben Kingsley – could be the most intense Bond ever
  7. Morgan Freeman – that voice could numb any villain
  8. Martin Freeman – no reason, just came to mind after Morgan for some reason…
  9. James Earl Jones – who could not bow down to that voice
  10. Lionel Richie – just because he is so smooth, moustache may have to go

So there we have it, could any of these be contenders or are they going to sit firmly as rank outsiders?



2 thoughts on “10 actors who probably won’t be the next Bond

  1. I don’t see any of these playing Bond, but I loved Sean Connery. 🙂 It certainly is a unique role that requires a debonair type personality who commands instant respect, but although he has to be able to slay dragons of all types, he can’t be muscle bound. I think Mr. Craig should stay for one more and make it easy on everyone. 🙂

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