10 reasons why Rogue One isn’t that bad!

Let’s find some very good reasons why this Star Wars film doesn’t suck!

  1. The locations in Rogue One are superb, Iceland was used for the opening scene and then later on we get Stormtroopers on a tropical beach
  2. Peter Cushing is in it, sort of. Computer generated as Grand Moff Tarkin. Does it work? Yes
  3. The soundtrack is immense. Your ears will be put to the test with the amount of sound effects and wonderful score
  4. No scrolling credits saying ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….’ Everyone loves the opening titles of course, but by not including them it gets the audience talking about them not being used!
  5. Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan from A New Hope make a brief cameo. The pair from the infamous Cantina brawl
  6. The title of the film Rogue One is in itself pretty cool…short, sweet and slightly mysterious
  7. The new droid K-2SO manages not to be too annoying and looks like he might have belonged in the original films
  8. Princess Leia is in it!
  9. There is a wonderful background character called Moroff, who looks part Yeti, part Hoth Wampa. He doesn’t get enough screen time but he is a brilliant looking beast. He is the one in the picture on this post
  10. The ending. You will have goosebumps. It has Vader in it

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