A brief guide to the Star Wars universe: R5-D4


It’s yet another droid! This time a red one, much in the mould of the infamous R2-D2, only less reliable.

When the Jawas arrive at the Lars’ homestead they attempt to make a sale with this droid. It is very nearly a done deal just before R5-D4 suffers a small malfunction with a bad motivator. Uncle Owen and Luke Skywalker are far from amused, so plump for R2-D2 instead. You do stop and wonder how things might have played out, had it been this droid that Luke had ended up with instead. Would he have been friends with C-3PO, would he have managed to save everyone from the garbage compactor, would he have served drinks on Jabba’s sail barge…you can but wonder.

Character cool factor: 4

Most likely to: not work

Least likely to: be the droid every pilot wants on their X-Wing


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