A forgotten Star Wars character

Paying homage to the lesser-discussed Star Wars character Power Droid

Ask any Star Wars fan who their favourite character is and I suspect that you are yet to find someone who says “Well I like Vader, but that Power Droid really does it for me!” The humble Power Droid is unlikely to figure in any countdown or poll of the best Star Wars characters, yet they can be seen on numerous occasions plodding around the screen. I say ‘plodding’ because they are not the most elegant of movers. The Power Droid shuffles as if it has a hernia or some other horrible complaint.

What do they actually do?

The Power Droid is essentially a battery or recharging device, but it has legs which means it can walk up to any piece of machinery or spaceship and plug itself in. That is why you see them trudging round the Lars’ farmstead and often in scenes where there are spaceships in docking bays.

Do they talk?

In all of the Star Wars films, no central character has had a proper conversation with one of these droids. The droids do make some kind of sound though and have been described as Gonk Droids. Perhaps because the sound they made sounds like they are saying ‘gonk gonk.’ The ‘voice’ is deep and not very intellectual sounding!

Are they needed in Star Wars films?

Absolutely yes! Star Wars films thrive thanks to the weird and wonderful selection of background characters and the Power Droid is a perfect example of a background character who you probably clock each time but do not give a second thought to. They add realism to scenes and contribute to the mise-en-scene.

What next for the Power Droid?

I would love to see a scene where a central character interacts with one of these droids. Perhaps a human asks a Power Droid to go and plug itself into an X-Wing or we see a a group of droids all engaged in ‘conversation’. Very unlikely to happen, but wishful thinking!

I really like seeing these droids appear and hope that at least one Power Droid pops up in Rogue One.


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