Star Wars – An alternative conversation between Greedo and Han Solo

(Author Benjamin Fastnedge – themovieandthemuse).

I have been imagining an alternative conversation between Han Solo and Greedo in Star Wars – A New Hope. You know the infamous scene where they meet in the Cantina, Han owes Jabba money. Greedo is driving a hard bargain, there is a gun shot, then Greedo is no more. A rather short-lived appearance for poor old Greedo, though if you look carefully enough you can see some of his species wondering around Mos Eisely and I am sure at least one pops up in Jabba’s palace in Jedi.

So here is an alternative conversation between the two characters, just for fun. Han and Greedo have met in the Cantina…

Han: Ahh Greedo fancy bumping into you here, do you come here often?

Greedo: I was here last week, I think they’ve done the place up a bit. I really like the new corner booths.

Han: Me too, it’s really stylish and reminds me of my mother’s place. Say, would you like a drink, something like a bantha milk?

Greedo: That’s very kind but I am over the limit already and I need to fly back to my house soon.

Han: That is a shame. Now while I remember, I owe your friend Jabba some money. I shall be arranging a transfer of funds at the end of the day so Jabba will receive his money at the end of this week at the latest.

Greedo: You read my mind! Well now with that sorted out, shall we discuss your where you got your lovely waistcoat, I’ve been after one like that for years.

Han: I could think of nothing I would like more, Greedo. Let’s go and sit in that dark corner booth where Chewbacca is waiting for us. You will love his new hairdo, he’s gone for a side-parting today.




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