Should there be a Sharknado 5?

Can the Sharknado films handle another sequel?

After watching Sharknado 4 I have been thinking where else they can take the crazy shark saga. Could there really be a Sharknado 5? The fourth film threw everything at at the wall and just about got away with it, so would it be stretching it to do it all over again? It might have to go back to basics, but then that’s not really the point of the Sharknado films, they are supposed to be ridiculous and utterly unbelievable. Anyway, here are some of my ideas on what they could do in another sequel:

  • Fin is now living on a space station with his family and they discover a giant shark planet and must land on it and infiltrate the sharks
  • Fin’s wife turns into a shark and does battle with all the other sharks
  • The sharks have somehow improved in intelligence and have a structured army organising their own sharknado attacks. After the sharks wipe out all the official army, Fin must gather his own army and stop the sharks for good. The army will include his wife, Hasselhoff, Lance Henriksen and William Shatner
  • The sharks stay in the water
  • Fin travels back in time and discovers that sharknados actually existed in Roman times and must become a gladiator before heroically going into battle



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