Dr. No: My top ten characters

My favourite characters from the first James Bond film Dr. No:

  1. James Bond – it would be unusual not to have him top, after all he is the hero and Sean Connery gives him the grit that makes him so convincing
  2. Quarrel – the likeable sidekick who helps Bond on his mission and who meets a sticky end on Crab Key island
  3. Dr. No – is a maniac and intent on domination, a perfect first Bond villain expertly played by actor Joseph Wiseman
  4. M – an indelible impression cast by Bernard Lee, as the grouchy head of the secret service
  5. Honey Ryder – Ursula Andress stepping out of the sea carrying shells in that bikini is surely an image that every Bond fan retains
  6. Sylvia Trench – the girl who never quite gets it on with Bond, a welcome fun character who plays off Bond very well
  7. Professor Dent – somewhat slimy in how he goes about his business, this chap meets his maker after Bond delivers a few fatal shots in a haunting bedroom scene
  8. Miss Moneypenny – the charming secretary is already maing eyes at Bond, Lois Maxwell utterly superb in the role
  9. Miss Taro – totally untrustworthy type of woman who has somewhat sinister eyes
  10. The Three Blind Mice – I am including all three here, this troupe of killers start the film off and are perhaps a little underused because there is something intriguing about the way they hang around as a group



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