Sharknado 4: Is this shark saga dead in the water?

A film review of Sharknado 4


Sharknado 4 finally made its debut onto TV this week. Fans of the Sharknado film saga have waited about a year for this sequel. I am a huge fan of the films and had been eagerly anticipating the release of the fourth.

For those who not familiar with the Sharknado films, they are best described as shark films that don’t themselves too seriously.

I was wondering what direction this one was going to take, I mean how many more times can sharks be whipped up into a tornado and fly around the air attacking people? Well Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens does just that and then some! We have even more tornadoes than ever before in this sequel!

Granted the opening titles which shamelessly rip off Star Wars are amusing, the comic strip title sequence looks great and the film is as fast-paced as the previous Sharknados. But I was scratching my head at the end of the film wondering if I had been expecting more. Had the series finally peaked?

There were some solid performances as always from Ian Ziering in the lead role as Fin and Tara Reid as his wife April and a welcome appearance from David Hasselhoff. Ian appeared on the credits as having had producer credits this time round, so it was great to see him having more of a hand in shaping the production of the film.

The action was non-stop, we had so many weapons being used to blast the sharks that it was hard to keep track of what was going on at times. There were planes, boats, skydiving and Jedward! No expense was spared with the sheer amount of inventive ideas and this I relished. At times it did feel like the film was just trying to go bigger and better than Sharknado 3 and I found myself asking, how much more ridiculous can it get? But that is the key to its success, Sharknado films are crazy and not meant to be taken seriously.

The special effects are on a par with the other Sharknado films…not stunning but not awful. I actually rather like the computer generated sharks and even spotted a hammerhead shark, one of the rarer shark breeds!


If I could offer any constructive criticism it is that the film barely has a moment to breathe and there are so many cameos that any decent character development goes out the window. But then these are not the kind of films where you want vast character development, you want a hero and a few sidekicks and some decent shark attacks and that is what you get.


I enjoyed it, let’s hope they make Sharknado 5!


(Author Benjamin Fastnedge – themovieandthemuse).



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