From Russia with Love Blu-ray review

I always have a tough job job deciding whether I prefer From Russia With Love or Dr. No. They are my two favourite James Bond films and both stand up to repeated viewing. From Russia With Love on Blu-ray works a treat though and is a must-see for fans of the Bond films.

Moving away from the exotic locations in the first film, Bond films himself on a delicate and dangerous mission, but is he being unexpectedly lured by the gorgeous Tatiana Romanova for other pretences?

Once again, the picture and sound quality on this release do justice to the film, as striking detail can be picked up, to the point where you can see Ms Romanova wearing not very much in a bedroom scene! Though I am sure Bond purists will not moan too much about that fact!

There are many reasons to fall in love with this film. For me, it is the warm friendship that Bond develops with Kerim Bey. The sequences at the gyspy camp are beautifully played and the character of Kerim Bey cements itself as one of the all-time greats in Bond history.

Then of course we have the lady with the lethal kicks, Rosa Klebb who is menacing and unnerving and the superb Robert Shaw as the edgy yet cool killer Red Grant.

The storyline is gripping, the locations are once again varied and engaging and the score rousing and atmospheric. This is an absolute must-have on Blu-ray for the firm fan and the casual viewer.

(Author Benjamin Fastnedge – themovieandthemuse).


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