Dr. No Blu-ray review

(Author Benjamin Fastnedge – themovieandthemuse)

Today I would like to discuss and review the James Bond film Dr. No on Blu-Ray. The film was made back in the sixties and is one of my favourites of the Bond series to enjoy on this format.

When I used to watch the DVD version, I found the picture quality and sound generally pretty decent, but its move onto Blu-Ray was definitely worthwhile.

Of all of the Bond films to date, this is perhaps the one that has cleaned up the best in terms of picture quality. The tropical scenes come to life with sheer vibrancy and excitement with colours leaping out at you. I was amazed that you could see background detail that you could not have previously seen in the DVD version.

The lavish beach and ocean scenes where Bond visits Crab Key island are lavishly rich and beautiful to behold. It actually makes you want to freeze the picture and soak up the mise-en-scene.

Coupled with the fact that Connery is on fine form and Joseph Wiseman makes for a superb villain, Dr. No remains one of my all-time favourite Bond films. It is a a slick, fast-paced thriller, great locations, inspired casting and an exotic score which perfectly suits the mood of the film. It is also pretty close in tone to Fleming’s novel, keeping some of that rawness in the end finale.

If you have been toying with whether to invest in this on the Blu-Ray format, then I would urge you to do so because it is one of the finest transfer processes that I have come across.


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