Critters 5 anyone?

Should there be Critters 5? After the fourth film appeared in 1992 there has been a lengthy absence from the Critters series.

Granted, Critters 4 did not exactly set the world alright, but there was something rather fun about seeing the Critters being blasted into outer space and doing battle once more with the bounty hunter Charlie.

I use Tremors as a benchmark. If this can run to five films and have a spin-off television series, surely a fifth Critters film could be within the realms of possibility.

I have read that fans have been trying to get this off the ground for years, so maybe it is time that the studio brings back this series.

It would have to be set back on Earth, but how about way in the future where the Critters rule Earth and only a small team of human survivors are left?

(Author Benjamin Fastnedge – themovieandthemuse).


7 thoughts on “Critters 5 anyone?

  1. A critter apocalypse? 😉 I just watched all four movies the last two days, for the first time. They aren’t masterpieces but there is something fun about the movies. And I have been, like you, thinking, that we have a bunch of other really poor horror/comedy series which made it to a number of sequels (not least friday the 13th) so I am surprised why this was not produced beyond 4.

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  2. Absolutely brilliant idea for a new Critters film. Wishing for a new film or films, and how bout a tv series. Critters is an all time favorite, been watching them since I was five.

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  3. idk, maybe we should have the Critters abduct the descendants of April’s family and take them to their home planet. They escape and must fight them with the help again of the bounty hunters(who also live there).

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