Star Wars – Scenes I’d like to see

I decided to compile a top ten of Star Wars scenes I would like to see, purely for fun. These ideas are based on Star Wars – A New Hope. You may need to suspend your imagination:

  1. Leia lets her hair down
  2. Chewbacca gets hideously drunk in the Cantina and punches Han Solo
  3. Owen and Beru Lars share a moment of passion over breakfast while a Power Droid watches on in the background
  4. C3P0 gets out of his oil bath and promptly slips over in the oil
  5. An eight foot Jaws walks past
  6. Grand Moff Tarkin and Vader have afternoon tea and scones. Vader has to remove his helmet
  7. An X-Wing pilot announces he cannot be bothered to do the Death Star run and turns around and flies off
  8. Ben Kenobi announces to Luke that the place he took him to was not actually his home, but belonged to a Sandperson
  9. The creature in the trash compactor pops up and asks Luke what day it is before attacking him
  10. Greedo is performing stand-up comedy in the Cantina, shortly before Han shoots him

(Author Benjamin Fastnedge -themovieandthemuse).


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