Jaws: The Revenge: Another 10 reasons why the film isn’t that bad

I am not sure why I feel compelled to promote the good points of Jaws: The Revenge, maybe it is because the film has been critically slated for so many years, it was high time that it got some more amicable reviews! I have another post where I found ten good things about the film, you can read the thoughts here:


I have now set myself the ridiculous challenge of returning to Jaws: The Revenge and attempting to find another ten different reasons why the film is not that bad. I could be scraping the barrel, but here they are:

  1. Hoagie does a pretty decent landing of a plane in the sea
  2. There is a touching nod to Jaws, in that a photo of Martin Brody can be seen hanging on the wall in the office where Sean Brody works
  3. The kiss between Hoagie and Ellen is uncomfortably amusing
  4. The man who assists Michael and Jake on board their boat is very cool and laidback even after the shark attacks their boat
  5. Ellen gets in the water, something she did not do in Jaws or Jaws 2
  6. Ellen knocks over some saucepans in a startlingly dramatic fashion
  7. When Michael sprints up the beach he does so with conviction
  8. We get to to see Michael Caine rowing a boat
  9. The charming Christmas music which is playing while Sean sets out in his boat at the start of the film provides a haunting contrast to what is about to happen
  10. Jake has a pretty cool haircut

(Author Benjamin Fastnedge – themovieandthemuse).