Jaws: The Revenge Blu-ray review

My other post looked at some of the reasons why Jaws: The Revenge is underrated. This post is to look at Jaws: The Revenge on Blu-ray and explore how it has transferred onto this format.

After the disappointing transfer of Jaws 3 onto Blu-ray, I was dubious whether this film would suffer the same fate. Thankfully it does not and the transfer onto Blu-ray is actually pretty good. The colours all come through sharply with great contrasts, particularly noticeable in the tropical locations.

The audio quality is good throughout with levels well balanced. What does disappoint is the lack of extras on the disc. Maybe stock footage or documentaries do not exist, but this would have added some value.

There is an alternative ending though and this was a great addition to the disc, as fans can now draw comparisons between the two endings. Basically, in the standard ending on the disc, the shark explodes and Jake survives. The alternative ending has the shark impaled and then no evidence of Jake being found.

Given that Mario van Peebles did such a good job in the role as Jake, I always liked the fact that he was found alive, but I actually think that the shark being impaled is a stronger ending than the explosion ending. I mean, why did the shark explode?! That is my quibble with this particular ending.

Fans of Jaws should invest in the Blu-ray version and non fans might just find something in it that they missed first time around.

(Author – Benjamin Fastnedge – themovieandthemuse).