Jaws 2 Blu-ray review

July 2016 finally saw the release of Jaws 2 on Blu-ray. Quite why it had not appeared sooner on this format we do not know, especially since the film is still one of the biggest box office sequels in film history.

The transfer quality of Jaws 2 onto Blu-ray is not bad with the vast majority of the film coming up cleanly. If you compare it to the poor transfer of Jaws 3 then you will notice a marked difference.

I have always had a fond spot for this sequel, in which another shark terrorises Amity Island. It works well because the attacks are sparse and handled with care, with plenty of time to allow characters to flourish. Brody and his wife have some wonderful chemistry and the various youths who set out on their sailing trip are distinctive enough to remember.

Without sounding morbid, I always felt that they could have squeezed in one or two more attacks towards the end of the film. The amount of times that the youths end up in the water, you might think the shark would have had a few more bites!

There is an insightful documentary on the Blu-ray which is worth a watch.

(Author Benjamin Fastnedge – themovieandthemuse).